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. funny story. >> directv and viacom could have reached an agreement on programming fees so channels like nickelodeon, mtv and comedy central went away at midnight. >> the kind of television blackout for 20 million people across the country. >> jon: so if you are a directv customer not watching tonight, it's not because of rain clouds passed in front of the satellite. [bleep] it is dark. viacom, directv what are you doing here? you got ad campaigns blaming each other for taking the shows away. telling people to rise up and demand it like it's some kind of basic cable arab spring. i got news for you. it's not. none of this matters. none of this is indispensable, do you under-- do you remember oprah? exactly. she went off the air and three days millions of viewers are like oh no what are we going do. after day four people are like who is this-- i like the cut of her shoe. and then there's this. >> viacom is pulling the plug on free on-line episodes of shows like the daily show and spongebob square pants upping the ante in its fight with directv. >> jon: you're pulling the shows from the int
where the mayor is cutting workers pay to minimum wage. if you're missing some channels on your directv don't worry. cnn is working of course but we want to talk about that as well. we'll get right down to it. we're hearing that it could get a statement today on the health of congressman jesse jackson jr. of illinois. one of his top aids says that jackson's condition is not life threatening. last week jackson's office issued a statement saying he is struggling with physical and emotional problems that will require extensive medical treatment. the 47-year-old took a medical leave of absence last month which his office attributed to exhaustion. he has been under growing pressure to explain his disappearance from capitol hill. we'll have more details and a live report from chicago in just 30 minutes. >>> a man charged with planning to bomb the pentagon and u.s. capital. he is going to plead guilty. this is rezwan farduz a u.s. citizen accused of plotting to fly airplanes loaded with explosives into federal buildings in washington. federal prosecutors say ferdaus was radicalized by internet
it to you live. >>> directv pulled all of viacom channels, including comedy central, mtv, and nickelodeon over a dispute over sib describer fees. now viacom has pulled almost all of its online programming. that affects everyone, not just people from directv. one of the complaints from directv is that most of shows can be seen online for free. >>> this is bay city where heavy flooding was triggered across many areas. temperatures should stay below 90 degrees today. >>> and this is just like a scene out of jas. a woman was reeling a fish out of the water when a shark jumped out of the water and -- >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you'd be cursing, too wouldn't you? >> this is myrtle beach, south carolina. sarah said she was afraid the shark was going to get her. then they let the shark go. because what would you do with it? mount it on your wall? i don't know. i wouldn't have bothered. but they are okay today. >>> a look at women's health around the world. a just released gallup poll found women are less satisfied with men with their health and also more likely to experience physical pain, healt
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directv and viacom. it got a lot more dramatic and 20 million americans are caught right in the middle of the dispute. >>> before the break, look at the vxx. down 1.3%. the etf to track it near a low for the year. also before the break, five big thursday movers in today's trading session. all to the upside. includes walgreen, textron, ebay and nokia and electronic arts up almost 7%. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their check
mtv, comedy channel with a spat of directv and viacom. and jpmorgan in the news reportedly wanting to claw back stocks earned by the key players from that massive trading loss. the london whale. should the precedent be expanded to anyone that messes up at work? i hope not. simon is in pursue and a guy that never messes up at work. >> if only that's true. good afternoon to you. we have a very big media fight as 20 million americans know directv is pulling access to viacom channels. that came through midnight last night. kayla is following the moguls of this year's big conference in sun valley, idaho. we cross now live to her. >> reporter: i like seeing that map. it shows how we're out in the middle of nowhere right now. up on a hill and chasing down the leaders of directv and viacom. earlier this morning, we heard from someone who said he won't negotiate in public. they had no problems seven years ago but at midnight 17 channels reaching 20 million viewers went dark on directv and that is because they could not strike a renewed deal here. now, we're going to be speaking to directv c
and look for "mobile" at top righthand corner of the screen. direc-tv and viacom say they have reached an agreement to restore seventeen viacom channels to direc tv's twenty million u-s subscribers. viacom pulled the channels, including nickelodeon, comedy central and m-t-v, off directv on july tenth due to a dispute over fees. viacom says as part of the agreement, directv has the option to add the epix service to its entertainment offerings as well. 3 tiger woods ...with an incredible shot... on 188 out... where he sits... on the leaderboard the british open.../next in sports... wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeeeheeee! heads up. everything you love about geico, now mobile . download the geico app today. everyone...i'm jed gamber... morgan adsit has the night off...the orioles head into tonight's series with the indians on a modest 2-game winning streak...miguel gonzalez makes his 3rd start for the o's, opposite derek low. lowe... brad bergesen can now be known as a former oriole...the right-handed pitcher was claimed off waivers b
up to date. >>> directv and viacom reached a deal to restore 17 viacom channels for customers of the cable provider. the companies were feuding over fees which resulted in a ten day blackout of viacom channels for directv subscribers. directv claims viacom was asking for an extra billion dollars. the company says it was a couple of pennies a day per subscriber but they didn't share the terms of the new deal. >>> gas prices jumped $0.11 since the start of july and could get worse gasoline futures prices are up $0.40 since the end of june, that means drivers could see a nickel or dime hike in just the next few weeks. >>> nearly 200 dogs rescued from a house we are told all living in filth. that story coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. baltimore police are beefing up patrols in local movie theaters. that story is coming up. baltimore how police are beefing up patrols in local
the play. two outs. tonight's aerial coverage provided by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. now michael bourn willome off the bench. and bat. chipper jones was in this spot so he will end his all-star career with a base hit. he bounced one through the right side. now bourn, his teammate, foul tips it for strike 1. desmond is having a great year. michael bourn in his second all-star game a two-time gold glove award winner. the guy has the most stolen bases in baseball since 2008. he can fly. >> tim: the atlanta braves have inch ahead of the new york mets. they are four off and the mets four and a half off. >> joe: strike 3. inning is over. we go to the bottom of the eighth. the a.l. will bat, trailing the national league by 8. even though i could do it 100 times better and taller than seacrest. he's not going to be satisfied until he takes over the entire planet. ok..... earth a ryan seacrest production. boom! that's called poignant social commentary. joel stop talking! ryan is here to see you. i have a delivery for a mr. joel mchal
outs. tonight's aerial coverage provided by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. now michael bourn will come off the bench. and bat. chipper jones was in this spot so he will end his all-star career with a base hit. he bounced one through the right side. now bourn, his teammate, foul tips it for strike 1. desmond is having a great year. michael bourn in his second all-star game a two-time gold glove award winner. the guy has the most stolen bases in baseball since 2008. he can fly. >> tim: the atlanta braves have inch ahead of the new york mets. they are four off and the mets four and a half off. >> joe: strike 3. inning is over. we go to the bottom of the eighth. the a.l. will bat, trailing the national league by 8. even though i could do it 100 times better and taller than seacrest. he's not going to be satisfied until he takes over the entire planet. ok..... earth a ryan seacrest production. boom! that's called poignant social commentary. joel stop talking! ryan is here to see you. i have a delivery for a mr. joel mchale. yo
'll have to see lounge the black outlasts. one of directv's competitors might snap up some of the customers. maria, over to you. >> thank you, julia, so much. in this mess, we wondered what is the better investment right now? that is the subject of today's talking numbers. on the technical side, and on the fundamentals we have david bank, an analyst. good to have you both on the program. david, who will win this fight? >> hands down content always wins. we've never had one of these were content didn't win. and ennis, what looks better to you? >> they look very similar, but look at a three-year chart first for directv, it's a strong bull market, and in the last year it ran into resistance. directv has hold off. you can see the 40 to $45 level. but the one thing that i would note here is viacom braemed it last year. we're seeing buyers less aggressive on the rallies. i think viacom -- >> you want to buy directv. >> yes. >> i can't -- what i would say is this. we view viacom as being on sale right now. they have sustained double digit growth thanks in part to massive buy backs in progress and
between media giants but the real loesers could be american tv viewers. you have satellite carrier directv in this huge contract dispute now with viacomm. let's go to brian, media reporter for "the new york times" and a friend of ours. brian, let's begin with the question that matters most to people watching. which channels -- what are we talking about if directv viewers lose at midnight, which channels might that be? >> it's actually more than a dozen of them. you probably haven't heard of ones like paladia or nick jr., but a bunch of those old channels that are, you know, pretty infrequently watched. and then a bunch of big ones. nickelode nickelodeon, mtv, vh1, comedy central. nickelodeon is the single biggest channel in american cable households, other than the broadcast networks, nickelodeon is the biggest one and it could go away in directv homes if negotiations remain at an impasse. >> say it ain't so. no "daily show," no spongebob. some of them are major channels. how many people are we talking? millions potentially affected, yes? >> you know, these fights happen from time to time.
by advertisements. google has the not issued a comment. >> nearly 20 million directv customers could lose ak teccess. a dispute between directv and viacom could lead to a blackout of 17 channels, nickelodeon, vh-1 and comedy central. 20% of all households with satellite or cable tv across the country would be affected. the two companies are in negotiations right now. but say the blackout will begun at 9:00 to night if an agreement can't be reached. >>> the stars are shining tonight. best baseball players in the world are all in kansas city for the annual major league baseball all-star game. there is a heavy dose of bay area players. four giants and one a are in tonight's game. only one bay area tv reporter is on location. and she is part of our team. comcast sports net, joins us now from kansas city. jamie, you'll ways get the baes signment -- best assignments. how you doing? >> doing great. had barbecue. looking good. inside coffman stadium. the flyover. national anthem in the books. they're ready to play baseball. as you mentioned. giants well represent ra sent in the starting lineup. due in large
shows. if you have directv you can't see mtv or nickelodeon. the satellite provider dropped the networks. the two companies are blaming each other for the blackout at issue is how much directv paid viacom per subscriber for channels. a deal is not in imminent. >>> people use coupon sites to pick the best deals if you use savvy shopper, you may have been taken for a ride. for a fee, customers can get discounts at their favorite stores. it turns out some of the coupons were fake. they were printed overseas and sent to the arizona company scamming dozens of victims. >> a lot of the folks are on a limited budget and trying to get by and they say a deal. it looked too good to be true but i thought i would take a risk. >> this had manufacturers retailers and shoppers losing tens of thousands of dollars. >>> it's long been one of the fast food chains best kept secrets that mcdonald's special sauce recipe remained a mystery until now. a video posted on you tube shows the executive chef revealing the recipe put on big macs. it's part of the initiative to be more transparent with their p
by viaaom were no longer avaalable on directv.the chhnge comes amid a heated dispute between the enteetainment giant and satellite t-v carrier ooerrthe in a newssrelease, viacom says directv dropped all its channels, including m-t-v, &pco. at issue is how much direccv pays viaaom per subscriber for each of its channels.ii's not clear if or when viacom &pnetworks will return to directvv "target" is going hiih-end for the holidays.the chain is reportedly teammnn up with luxury retailer "nniman marcus" foo limited feature more than 50 proddctss from 24 top designers... de la renta... and carolina a - herrera. the majority of the ptems will be 60-dollars or less.theecollectionnwill be available innboth stores andd online... beginninggdecember first. 3 breed by a court ruling... pit bulls and their owners are noo in anger of being eeicted from theirrhomes just yet thanks to a motion.. coming up. 3 --adblib weatter tz-- more controverss you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i ea
been pulled from directv. >>> >>> some relief for directv customers. viacom will allow new episodes of "the daily show" and "the colbert report" to be shown. viacom's seven-year contract with directv expired june 30th and the companies have not been able to reach a new deal. since last wednesday, 20 million directv customers have been without viacom channels, like comedy central. >>> firefighters rescued a baby raccoon stuck on a fence this weekend. they had to try a few different ideas before one actually worked. they also had to be careful in case the little fella decided to bite. eventually firefighters moved a piece of the fence and the little raccoon was able to get free. he and mom quickly scurried off he and mom quickly scurried off up a nearby tr organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale... does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. gallagher. incoming!!! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? hap
millions of homes this morning. new developments in the ongoing standoff between -- directv and viacom. >>> michael finney shows items on which you are likely to save the most money. >> and they would be? >>> breaking news. penn state disregarded safety and welfare of sandusky's victims louis freeh headed the end investigation. all comes weeks after a jury convicted sandusky on 45 criminal counts. stay with the morning news coming up we'll go live to philadelphia for an update on this morning's report. >>> new hope for directv subscribers who like to watch the daily show or jersey shore those shows and others disappeared twaous of -- because of a fee dispute. the two restarted negotiations last night viacom wants more than directv is willing to pay to continue carrying the channels of a dozen networks. viacom says it amounts to a few penness. directv says the increase a billion dollars. >>> if you are not a dollar store shopper you could be missing out on savings. michael finney has money-saving tips. >> reporter: good morning! con sum -- consumer reports says there's a different expe
to attend. directv and viacom failed to reach a programming agreement. it includes channels such as nickelodeon and mtv. december dino city council called for chapter 9 bankruptcy. it's also looking to cut police and firefighters. it is facing a $45 million deficit. stockton has also declared the currency. >>> de giants that took over the all-star game. >>> and the guy that was charged ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. >>> cranking up the temperatures around the bay area today. 100 plus in some areas and in spots parade will tell you more coming up. >>> your time saver traffic shows things blowing nicely. it is bear the air days so i will tell you what that means for transit coming up >>> five months ago the district attorney world he fired that's according to a report for services go. right now the report is free now which parts of the building can be restored and saved. no word on the be cost. >>> reporters on the scene saw flames shooting up more than a hundred feet in the air. a mile wide of columbus is under evacuation ri
. >> also coming up, many directv subscribers saying i want my mtv. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>> millioning of directv subscribers woke up to find out they no longer have some of their favorite channels. no longer available on directv. how much the provider pays the entertainment giant per subscriber for each of its channels. it was directv's choice to drop all its channels, including comedy central and nickelodeon. but they say they were forced to remove the networks. >>> the september 11 terrorist attacks was the most impactful tv moment over the past 50 years. sony ranked the events not on whether people watch the moments, but if they could recall where they watched it, with whom, and whether they talk to other people about what they have seen. number two, hurricane katrina in 2005. the 1995 verdict in the o.j. simpson trial came in third. the space shuttle challenger explosion in 1986. >>> comicon kicks off tomorrow. thou
, >> some satellite owners are losing comedy central and mtv. directv customers have those channels black felt. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. the lexus ct hybrid. thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> it seems that on any given issue the mayor will only talk when she is ready, not a moment center. some >> on howard jordan told police that the department has already changed its estrogen when laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secr
's a dispute between directv and the abc affiliate wcjb over transmission consent fees and you're probably not familiar with that. >> i'm not familiar. >> we own the nbc affiliate in nearby orlando. >> i don't necessarily want to get involved with this business dispute, but some have suggested that because now gainesville and the directv they can't even get abc now and it's a sort of a blackout, and i guess in your opinion are the blackouts becoming more frequent? cox happens to own the abc station in orlando. >> we own the nbc affiliate wesh in orlando and over the past several years or so, there has been a new nbc affiliate licensed to gainesville to that marketplace and you may infer that we stood aside and did not challenge that nbc affiliate that went into that marketplace. >> mr. aragon, are they becoming more frequent and becoming a problem for directv? >> they are becoming more frequent. >> we have a clear difference of opinion here. >> think perhaps we can get the committee to -- >> your position is they're becoming more frequent. >> i can speak for dish network we had six blackou
at the end of june.critics didn't think the utility should have been allowed to raise rates at all. direc-tv and viacom say they have reached an agreement to restore seventeen viacom channels to direc tv's twenty million u-s subscribers. viacom pulled the channels, including nickelodeon, comedy central and m-t-v, off directv on july tenth due to a dispute over fees. viacom says as part of the agreement, directv has the option to add the epix service to its entertainment offerings as well. get this....police trade positions and get a glimpse of the world from a dogs point of view. its called áfido camá and it helps police see what their k-9 counterparts see. a camera is mounted to a police dogs head...and the dogs are monitored as they search any area or building. when the dogs find someone... police are able to pinpoint exactly where the person is because they are watching it on video. allowing police to then come up with a plan of what to do next. 3 the orioles in search of their 4th straight win...their 41-year-oll in sports unlimited... tap water in its purest form....
it heard from the carrier before that was more than 12 hours earlier at 11:00 a.m. so, sure, directv dropped the station 10 minutes early, but what they are claiming is that viacom threatened legal action at 11:24. so, yes, this was almost inevitable if they couldn't work it out, and they didn't. this has been pretty lepublicizlepublicizwell publicized if they didn't reach a deal. directv say that viacom wasn't up for them carrying the channels until they worked it out. >> this is going to affect a lot of people. do you think that people will dump directv because of this? >> it could be. you know, it's quite a possibility. we'll have to wait and see what pans out. but remember this. unlike time warner or verizon, directv is only a television provider. it doesn't have internet or tv. so it really has to watch its pennies. directv is using the ratings slide on some of viacom's channels as a bargaining chip, saying it's annoyed because so much of the content you can get from nickleodeon, mtv and other channels you can get it online or netflix. and they think that viacom is taking away t
, they will decide whether to issue the subpoenas. vic lee, abc 7 news. >>> well, there is new hope for directv subscribers who like to watch the daly show or jersey shore. those shows along with door rat explorer and others disappeared from the screen because of a fee dispute between directv and viacom. viacom wants more than directv is willing to pay to continue carrying the channels of a dozen networks. viacom says it amounts to a few pennys per subscriber. there is a partial list of the viacom networks they are not carrying. the two sides continue to negotiate but the fight could last for weeks at the very least. >>> earlier in the newscast we talked about the heat. in fact it reached 100 degrees in walnut creek this afternoon. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez with how people tried to get comfortable. >> reporter: in walnut creek when the temperature hits 97 degrees in the middle of the day it is a no brainer the local pool calls. >> it is refreshing and it is hot out there and your feet start to burn. >> reporter: the icing on the cake, free slurps from 7-eleven. >> a hot day. how does
is entitled to the money. >>> new hope for directv subscribers many shows disappeared because of a fee dispute. the two restarted negotiations last viacom wants more than directv is willing to pay to continue to carry the channels. viacom says it amounts to pennies per subscriber. directv contends that increase equals a billion dollars. here's a partial list they are not carrying. two sides continue to negotiate but the fight could last for weeks. >>> southern california man says the only way he can afford to live in palo alto is by showering at the gym. cooking at work. and living in his car. he moved to the peninsula from los angeles in march to start an internet company. instead of renting an apartment, the 25-year-old has been resided in a different an bed he's not alone. figures -- different abode. he's not alone, 100 people live in their cars, palo alto is one of the few cities in silicon valley where legal to live in a vehicle. >> that vehicle may be hot lately every part of the state is suffering from the heat. yosemite valley triple digit temperatures, rare the average high for there
not have any accidents to report on interstate 280. >> will: many of directv subscribers have discovered they have no access to some of their direct favorite channels. >> will: directv claims they were forced to remove networks or face legal action. viacom can't and direct have created web sites talking about their side of the dispute is not sure if or when viacom networks will return to directv. and last night the giants took over last night to baseball all-star game. powell said of all knocked three bases in and three runs. >> will: the milkman is the first giants in the peace since bonds in 1973. >> i have no problem with the vote. they hung in there. >> will: one time i saw him walking wrong on the creaky look pretty stern. --walking around walnut creek and a pretty stern. and now the giants go to the world series they get home to your advantage. coming up we have much more weather and traffic ahead. speaking of warming up, it will warm up all over the area. >> will: health officials with the centers for the disease control want you to be prepared for your wedding day. they said pla
there are any sfo delays. >>> new this morning, if you have directv you are missing popular channels. 17 viacom owned networks went dark including nickelodeon, comedy central and mtv after directv and viacom failed to reach a new agreement. directv says -- >>> apple will start sell selling the newest version of the pad in china now it has settled the dispute over the ownership of the name. apple will begin starting ipad july 20th. chinese authorities said the rights were never transfered last month apple agreed to pay the company 60 million dollars to settle the claim. >>> is in going to be one of those microclimate days. >>> 40° swing from the coast to maybe 20, 25 miles away inland where it could be in the hundreds. beautiful sunrise from our roof cam over yerba buena and treasure island to the east. clouds hanging around no flight arrival delays into sfo san jose nor oakland. live doppler still showing how dry the air is. we are not going to get a drop of mist or drizzle out of this cloud deck means it will not last long today. here's temperatures updated them with the latest information lo
... / but... definitely shaken.. up. direc-tv and viacom say they have reached an agreement to restore seventeen viacom channels to direc tv's twenty million u-s subscribers. viacom pulled the channels, including nickelodeon, comedy central and m-t-v, off directv on july tenth due to a dispute over fees. viacom says as part of the agreement, directv has the option to add the epix service to its entertainment offerings as well. a... software company denver... is... so desperate... to... find... and keep ... qualified workers,.../ it's... offering... a... special deal.../. carrie... peirce explains... in... tonight's... word on the web,.../ the... company actually... paying employees... to... go on ...vacation.. ...vacation.. lots of companies offer paid vacation... but if your boss offered you a bonus to take time off.... you might stick with the company... at least, that's what one business is hop. hoping. (nats) it's the classic story of supply and demand. "it's huge." today's demand in the job market is for software engineers. the supply
will not be able to see some shows today after directv dropped 17 channels from viacom last night. the deal expired at midnight. they have been negotiating a new contract but there are no sign as agreement is close. >>> a south bay instructor lost her job because he gave a disapproving glare. she said turn off cell phones before glass but one student started texting on monday. she gave a look of disapproval. the student complained and she was fired. >>> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, one of the hottest days of the year in the bay area -- year in the bay area, how soon relief will arrive. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks and we are always here for you on and mobile
a really funny ad for directv. ser everybody is talking about a brand new little baby. and everybody sees a feature from a different family member. and the face changes. >> you remember the guy that dropped the rap at mcdonald's. we got an excollie sieve interview with him. all you have to do is head to our >>> nothing is worse than w you have a house guest that overstrays hove overstays his or her welcome. how about house guests in the form of 50,000 bees. that's what happened to larry chen in his los angeles home. >> i looked out my wip doe and noticed a lot of bees flying around. he called mike the bee guy. they transformed his apartment, this was a five hour process, you see mike the bee guy here explains where they got in. he uses a bee vacuum, at this point you have to figure the other bees are saying "save the queen." >> what do you do if you find the queen? >> vacuum her up. so he says it gets very hot, and he has to get them back outside because the bees could suffocate and die. i have to let them out. >> a lot of people are saying just exterminate them. but they're important to
the latest content distribution dispute. we talked about it yesterday, directv and viacom. if you are a directv subscriber, you're not getting your "spongebob" right now, if you want it. they have pulled their programming from directv over a fee dispute, what else? >> who wins in these, david? in the history of who wins. >> yeah. well, you know what, i think we've got kayla tausche at sun valley, where all the media moguls like to congregate at the annual allen & company congress. if you caught up with felipe, i'd love to hear what he had to say. >> reporter: we did. we tried to catch up with ceo white for directv. not the same for the ceo of viacom, this morning making a statement about where they currently stand after the blackout that happened at midnight last night. listen to what he had to say. >> in the seven years since we've last did a directv deal, we have successfully and peacefully concluded affiliate agreements with every single other distributor in the united states. so, we're prepared to move forward. it's unfortunate that for the first time consumers are not able to
, and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> mark: 20 million directv subscribers are now finding out that they do not have all of their channels the thief to the of like and can be, nickelodeon, and many more. they say they were forced to remove the network or they would face of the go action. both companies viacom and directv have created web site discussing their side of the dispute and had encouraged consumers to take action. >> darya: big changes are coming to american airlines they may be close to a merger deal with u.s. airways. vienna laid out that its strong financial performance set the stage to explore a potential merger. u.s. airways has been pushing hard for a merger ever since the day they file for bankruptcy protection in november. they say a merger is a great option and u.s. airways is the only candidate. >> they recognize as a merger with u.s. air waves consents disclosure. >> mark: coming up we will talk more about this with rob black. right now in concord we are at 57 degrees. look at the high temperatures today. traffic is moving smoothly and we will have a full u
providers, dish and directv now had one-third of the market and only 15% of national program networks are ingrated with the cable operator. wireless carriers are streaming video. programmers and pay tv providers are filling smartphone and tablet screens with their content and services as the fast as viewers are clamoring for them. >> thea the same time, new entities are flocking to the market. within the last ten years, youtube, itunes, hulu are streaming offer the internet. it does not apply to these players. therefore, i have some decisions to make opinion one option is to recognize the competitive landscape and start deregulating cable ask satellite broadcast companies and to apply to the new technologies and services. i, for one, do not believe we should be expanding video regulation. internet-distributed video is if the absence of regulation. video represented more than half of global internet traffic by 2011 according to cisco. video delivered over the internet specifically to televisions doubled in 2011 and will increase six-fold by 2016 representing 11% of consumer internet vi
can watch their favorite tv shows directv and viacom failed to reach a new programming fee agreements that, as 26 channels including mtv and nickelodeon, is central 20 million directv subscribers lost access to lots of people at a problem not happy about it. >>> its 550 right now a toddler falls in a canal in the boats for more than a mile the young heroes to say to live. and had is a up luxury yachts and that suddenly sinking of the multimillion dollar mystery at lake tahoe that and much more when we come back. ,,dad look, you can get eggs, bacon and pancakes for $4. umm. in my day, you get eggs, bacon and pancakes, and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. the roof and we have a great day coming our way not as much fall outside in spots and details are coming up. to equate here's a live look at several to have the cameras across the way so far things a looking really get the bay bridge toll plaza knows lead their country pleasanton getting busy and father is the story across the endless 52 to 490 this morning the
right now. >> millions of directv subscribers are losing prime channels because of a contract dispute. details straight ahead. >> and nobody understands the feeling of not having a child unless you are actually in that situation. >> but this situation as a happy ending. how this little girl was saved thanks to three yen men who were disobeying the law. >> a few thunderstorms on doppler and some 90 degree heat. all of that coming up. hazy skies of baltimore and 87 >> coming up at 6:00 -- city employes in prime parking spaces i your expense. and it's now official -- the city fire chief is getting a big raise. the latest on the debate and protest as the board approves his five-year deal. a star announcement -- the retirement of the police chief of anne arundel and how that might impact the >> more now on the breaking news we have been bring you over the past 15 minutes. are some investigators have been called to respond to the scene of a playground fire in south baltimore. this is what we saw live about 15 minutes ago -- the entire playground torched. we have word right now that the fire
stations on directv went dark minutes before reaching a deadline deal. directv had said it was willing to continue carrying the channels while they duked it out. viacom said they are not up for that. a big part of the situation is over what is known as bundling m directv wants to let subscribers to pick and choose what channels they want instead of taking all of viacom's channels in a big mandatory bundle. you have to think, all of those hundreds of channels that you have on your dial that you don't watch, that you barely know exist. cable programmers are used to bundling, used to giving you sort of everything at once and they don't want this al a carte situation. >> what is happening on the stocks? we're four days now and counting with the losing streak. >> yes. it could be yet one more tacked on to that. stocks are a bit lower. dow down 31 points. investors are looking ahead in about three hours when the fed minutes are going to come out. that's the latest federal reserve meeting. we can get the fly on the wall perspective of what they discussed on that meeting. investors want to see
the foreclosure process. >>> and vicomramps up its fight with directv after they pulled 17 channels from its lineup. viacom has blocked popular shows on the website, for everyone, not just for directv subscribers. that is after directv told their customer where to go to find their favorite shows. >>> the meeting comes as data -- back over to you, angie. >> all right, jackie, with a lot of business news this morning. thank you. >>> hundreds of young people from across the country come to washington each summer to become interns on capitol hill. 15 of this summer's interns hope to change the nation's foster care system. all of them know how it works, because all of them were once part of that system. news 4 barbara harrison has more on their mission in a very special wednesday's child segment. on capitol hill, there are 15 young summer interns who hope to make a difference in foster care across the country. they know the problems. >> we all come from similar backgrounds. >> reporter: they know because they've all been there. >> i have been in the system my whole life. >> i was abused from ever
. viacom says they are not making any progress in a dispute with directv. last week all networks were removed from directv including popular channels like mtv, comedy central and nickelodeon. at issue, what they have to pay per subscriber. is in a blog coast the claim a television operator has no intention of working with us and that talks have moved backwards, if anything. directv is denying that. costs j.c. penney has an idea to boost business, getting rid of checkout counters. they are replacing them with a new system that wal-mart require clerks. shoppers will be able to use self checkout machines similar to the once the ec in grocery stores. they are also planning to replace traditional bar codes on price tags with high-tech chips. that will make purchases faster. the checkout counters could be phased out by 2014. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with o
shore or sponge bob's work pants. they have pulled the plug on died off channels. >> 20 million directv subscribers will of this morning to find it nickelodeon and mtv in more than a dozen viacom channels missing from the televisions. the channels when dark before midnight on tuesday. the companies failed to reach a distribution deal. now, customers are stuck in the middle of a scandal. viacom wants to increase rates by as much as 30%. their channels have seen ratings slide. many are leaving haiti be to watch the same shows online for free. earlier this month one satellite provider dropped amc channels. the may issue also involved bundling. that dispute is still unresolved. >> we have more on the market as we check today's winners and losers. >> corn is a big winner. crops are downfall% year over year up 40% since june because of the drought hitting the midwest. we will be paying higher costs next year for cereal and soda because of high fructose corn syrup. next year's general mills will plant more corn because the prices are so high. >> directv has a bad business model. they cannot af
the nation, and 20 million direct tv providers say that's directv jumped all of the channels to give. they claim they were forced to remove the networks or face legal action. both companies have created web sites outside of the dispute and in encouraging to subscribers to take action. but they do not know when those networks will return to their tv here >>darya: in a letter from american airlines to its employees, they lied out the the process to explore and merger between american airlines with u.s. airlines can they say that is the only option to in >> the recognize that the merger with u.s. airways brings a solution to the revenue flow. diane >> seven months into the bankruptcy reorganization and was finally time for the. to consider the merger with u.s. there. >>mark: we would take a look at our hot spots after the offering. we are looking at an unusual back up at the bay bridge here. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladd
directv and viacom over comedy central that can't be seen now by customers. carriage fees and there is a special thing on directv. you can click on it with your remote and they air the grievances even with a video from the ceo. they are taking it to the public. >> who's hurt by that? >> we are. but content wins so directv will have to take it but at a lower cost than viacom wants. >> thank you, brian shactman. we appreciate it. coming up, economic data goes from bad to worse. sorry about that. plus, the looming fiscal cliff threatens to plunge america back into recession. i'm sorry about that. what we're going to do is walk through just how bad it can be if congress doesn't act now. we'll try to give you timing. try to give you benchmark numbers, try to explain the whole thing next up on "the kudlow report." >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report." i'm larry kudlow. in this half hour, minority whip sten stenny hoyer's idea that food stamps stimulate the economy is completely wrong. we need to break that government dependence and get people working again. that's the way to
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